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    Updated for Season 4!

    The best timer app on the planet, ready for preseason!



  • Like A Boss

    JUNGLE Like A %@#$! Boss.

    The Best Jungle Timer For Your
    iPhone or iPad. Seriously.




  • Crush. Smash. Dominate.

    Knowledge is power.

    Never miss a global objective. Plan your gank and PWN your opponents.



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features? you got it.

check out how much we’ve included.

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    Persistant Notifications

    If your phone goes to sleep or you leave the app to check a text, you’ll still receive warning notifications telling you what monster will respawn and when

  • maps_header

    Clean, user-friendly interface. With maps!

    Designed so a map is visible at all times, not only can you see what’s about to spawn, but exactly where you should go when the timer runs out.

  • tt_header

    Twisted Treeline!

    JungleTimerSuperPro didn’t forget about those people that love their Twisted Treeline. You have to know when that giant spider is getting ready to spawn

  • clear_header

    Noises? Flashing Colors?! Vibrations?!?!

    Yes, Yes and Yes! All of the things, but we promise there won’t be so much sensory input that you’ll get a seizure. You’ll never miss a spawn again

  • adjust_header

    Adjustable Warning Times

    Whether you’re flying around the map as Rammus or trudging along with Nautilus, you can set warning times to help maximize your jungling to ganking efficiency

  • accurate_header

    Timing that’s actually accurate

    Zilean’s big-ass clock has nothing on these timers. Based on your phone’s inner clock, these times won’t lag and will stay accurate no matter how many are ticking at once.

About this thing


He usually wears a Teemo hat.

He usually wears a Teemo hat.

As a young boy, I always dreamt of carrying my way through ELO hell.

Season after season, I saw tops getting ‘Singeded’ and AD carries going 48 CS at 20 mins screaming ‘GANK BOT YOU NOOB JUNGLER’ (while they sat pushed at the other team’s turret). I knew I needed a change.

I convinced my company to build the best jungle timer for your phone. Seriously.

This app will help you time your ganks and yell at you when you need to be back in the jungle, and look seriously awesome while it does it.

All the other timer apps suck… trust me.